Frozen Strawberry Dots

Frozen Strawberry Dots
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Calories 59 cals
Total Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 3 mg
Dietary Fiber 0 g
Sodium 88 mg
Protein 3 g
Total Carbohydrate 11 g

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Time to Table: 1 Hour 5 Minutes

Serves: 6 (12 dots per serving)



Line a baking sheet with parchment or waxed paper. Place all of the ingredients in the bowl of a food processor; process until well blended. Spoon the mixture into a re-sealable bag; clip about ¼ inch from one bottom corner. Gently squeeze the mixture into dots about 1-inch in diameter. Freeze for 1 hour or until the dots are hard. Serve or transfer to a covered container and freeze until ready to serve.


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