Ranch Dip

Ranch Dip
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Calories 129 cals
Total Fat 10 g
Cholesterol 40 mg
Dietary Fiber 0 g
Sodium 207 mg
Protein 2 g
Total Carbohydrate 4 g

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Time to Table: 5 Minutes

Serves: 8 (4 tablespoons per serving)



Blend the ingredients together in a bowl and serve with your favorite dippers such as fresh vegetables, chips, or crackers. *Optional: cover and chill for two hours to blend flavors before serving.


Average Rating:
4.8939 out of 0 5
Karla Venice 12/23/2016

A simple and delicious dip that has become a staple in my fridge. Cool and creamy with bold ranch flavor. I use it as a dip, dressing or a sauce. It always tastes great.

Kebennett 12/19/2016

I received a free Daisy Sour cream and thought I would find a simple recipe to compare to the brand I usually use. Ranch dip seemed the easiest. I made one with my normal and one with daisy and Daisy was by far superior. Creamy, thick and full of taste. I'll be changing.

ChaosGoddess 12/18/2016

This is so easy to make that it take just seconds. It goes great with veggies or chips and has just the right amount of tang. We never use just a dollop of sour cream because it goes so fast. It's especially great for those last minute party snacks. It's always a big hit! I tested Daisy Sour Cream courtesy of Daisy and Influenster for review purposes.

Lweaver 12/15/2016

I received daisy sour cream squeeze for testing purposes complimentary from influenster!! This dip is super easy and the daisy sour cream gives it such a rich creamy taste!! Never buying store bought ranch dip again!!

mrsjbz 12/15/2016

I received a free Daisy Sour Cream squeeze bottle from Influenster in exchange for my review of the product. This recipe is super easy and delicious. You can use it for chips, veggies or crackers.

JordeeKay 12/14/2016

I have been craving ranch dip with green onions for a few weeks now. Tonight I put my complimentary sour cream from Influenster partnered with Daisy to good use! I am so full I ate way too much dip and have a ton leave for tomorrow. It is so easy just mix the two ingredients and let it chill. I give Daisy brand a 5 out of 5.

Katbombs 12/12/2016

I received Daisy sour cream for testing purposes from Influenster and all opinions are my own. I love dips and didn't even realize how easy it was to make my own ranch dip with Daisy sour cream! It's so versatile since you can use this dip to dip veggies and/or chips, my favorite are Cape Cod! Even my little girls -- they are 4 and 3 love this dip, they love it so much that they just eat the dip itself ! Thanks Influenster and Daisy for letting me try this for free !

mlouised 12/12/2016

I received Daisy sour cream free from Influenster to review. I chose to make this recipe and it was amazing!

JaimeeBush 12/09/2016

I received a daisy squeeze bottle for free from Influenster in return of my review. I mixed my sour cream with a pack of dry ranch mix and I used it to dip my wings and celery in. I like daisy sour cream because it's rich and creamy and makes the ranch even tastier. The squeeze bottle makes it so much easier to use because it's not as messy as the container. I will be continuing to buy this product and I definitely recommend you to buy it as well!!

K8erpillar 12/09/2016

I received some Daisy sour cream free to try from Influenster and thought I'd try some dip. One taste had me hooked! It's quick to make and tastes even better than store bought.

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